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Top Hat Uniform
All uniform is available to purchase directly from us at the Studios, in our shop.
Please check with your teacher on specific style required before purchasing elsewhere.

Dinky Dancers, Little Stars and 

Primary Ballet


  • Pink leotard 

  • Pink ballet skirt (removed for tap & modern)

  • Pink ballet socks (no tights) 

  • Pink satin ballet shoes 

  • White tap shoes (Bloch)


  • Black leather ballet shoes and white socks

  • Black leather tap shoes 

  • Black shorts with tight fitting white T-shirt or boys leotard



Studio Shots Day 1-5.jpg

Tap & Modern 

GIRLS up to and including G4

  • Red lycra peep hole leotard

  • Black shorts worn over black tights

  • Barefoot (modern)

  • G1+ Black leather tap shoes (Bloch)  Primary and younger White 


G5 + 

  • Black leotard, and black tights



  • Black shorts / Track bottoms

  • Top Hat T shirt or tight fitting black tight fitting dance top.


Studio Shots Day 1-430.jpg

Ballet Grade 1 +


  • Pink ballet tights G3+ Pink ballet socks G2-

  • Black Bloch leotard

  • Pink satin or canvas ballet shoes, with pink ribbons or elastic

  • Hair to be worn in a classical bun.



  • Black shorts / tights/ cycling shorts

  • Black leather ballet shoes

  • White Tight fitting T shirt or leotard and socks





Musical Theatre /Singing /Drama 

  • Red Top Hat T-shirt

  • Black Leggings / shorts / tracksuit bottoms

       (or festival / competition uniform)

  • Tan Bloch Slip-on Jazz Shoes (black for boys)


  • Leotard / Crop Top / Boy's Vest

  • Bare Feet

  • Comfortable (not loose) stretchy black bottoms


Please ensure all long hair is tied in a bun.

No jewellery to be worn.

Festival / Competition Uniform


Team Jacket

Team leggings / shorts

Crop Top / Vest

A big Top Hat smile!


Studio Shots 13th Oct-293.jpg
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