Social Dis-Dance-Ing

Before You Arrive


Personal Health

  • If you, or someone in your bubble has come into contact with someone you suspect has Covid-19 or are displaying any COVID-19 symptoms, please do not attend the studio and follow Government advice about self isolating.​

  • Ensure you're using appropriate PPE at home, and in public to keep yourselves and your family as healthy as possible.

  • Please inform Top Hat immediately if you test positive in a lateral flow test or PCR, so that we may follow the correct procedures and inform all those involved.

Clothing and Uniform

  • Our changing room will remain closed. Pease make sure you arrive to classes in appropriate clothing you can wear for all classes that day.​ 

  • Make sure you put on a clean fresh set of clothes at home before coming to the studio​.

  • Masks are not required during class, but feel free to wear one if you feel more comfortable.

  • Face coverings are optional in accordance with government guidelines. Please follow social distancing rules at all times.

Personal Items

  • If you can, leave those bags at home. We want to try an minimise the use of our storage facilities, and you can help with this by not bringing bags to the studio. If bags are a necessity, please keep them small.

  • All mobile phones will need to be left in a box with the teacher, and can be retrieved at the end of class. 



At The Studio

Cleaning and Sanitising

  • Please make sure you are using the hand sanitiser provided when entering the building, after using the bathroom, and before leaving the studio.​​

  • Toilets ARE available, but we're trying to reduce the use of these, as the studio is using a one way system. If you need to go, you can, but please make sure you go at home before arriving.

Social Dis Dance

  • OK, so you've missed seeing your friends and we get that...we've missed you too, but we need to keep a social distance at all times. This means no group hugs. No touching, kissing, piggy backs (etc, etc).​

  • Each studio and walkway has been marked with directional arrows. Please follow the arrows!

The Café

  • Our café will be operating every day during opening hours for sit in and take away  following social distancing guidelines.


Entry And Exit

  • Please wait patiently outside the front entrance, and a chaperone  will instruct you when to enter the building. (The cafe is open for parents who wish to stay (space allowing)​

  • There is a one way system in place. Please follow the arrows.​

  • All classes will enter through the main door, and be released through the café door.​​

  • All doors and windows will be open (where possible) to increase ventilation. Our Air conditioning system re generates fresh air from outside, which will in turn keep the air flowing throughout the building.

  • It's REALLY important that students are collected on time, as we physically cannot hold students in the building whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines.​

  • If it's raining, feel free to wait inside your car, and one of our teachers will wave you over when it's safe for your child to enter or be collected from the building.


Our Promise To You


​We have built in a  window between classes so that Studios can be cleaned and sanitised between use.


We have elevated all our cleaning procedures to keep all areas of our studios as clean and safe as possible.

Please bear with us through these difficult times. We are all learning to live and work in our new "normal". 

If you have any advice or input to assist us, please do not hesitate to contact Miss Julie personally.

We can do this..... together.

Thank You. xxx